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What to consider when choosing disinfectants

What to consider when choosing disinfectants

Choosing the right disinfectant is difficult when you simply look at your list of ingredients and combination options. If you are looking for some support in making the right choice for your cleaning and sanitation needs, take a look what to consider when choosing disinfectants and the main types of disinfectants that are on the market, and then use that to help guide you in combining that with the right features for each use and application. This is the best duo to choosing the right disinfectant for your commercial or domestic purpose.

The main types of disinfectants:

  • Quats: Popular in hospitals and other commercial places, these protect against a wide selection of bacteria and germs.
  • Chlorine: Also responsible for killing many kinds of bacteria and germs, they are popular in hospitals and similar places because they are bleach-based.
  • Alcohol: While they evaporate quickly, making them convenient for fast use. They often need high concentrations to be effective in killing bacteria and germs. They are typically effective only on visually clean surfaces (no visible soiling, for instance). This is a common ingredient in hand sanitizer.
  • Phenols: Is an organic compound and it’s used as antiseptic, while toxic to consume on its own, it’s available in tiny doses in many household products like mouthwash and spray cleaners.

What features to remember when you are choosing disinfectants?

As you can see, not all of the disinfectants are going to be useful in every situation. If you want some more support on understanding how to use each one as well as when these are some important safety-related tips to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Does it kill bacteria and/or viruses? Not all disinfectants will kill all bacteria or germs. Are you choosing the right one for the bacteria you are hoping to target?
  2. How quickly does it work? Commercial places often rely on speed to kill as well as their strength and concentration. Depending on how long you need it to work for, as well as how much you need, certainly some disinfectants are better than others.
  3. How easy and safe is it to use? Some disinfectants could be corrosive and others aren’t. Make sure you choose a disinfectant that is suitable for your needs.

Your disinfectant choice may not be simple when you look at all of these details and ingredients on their own, but the whole point is that it should be safe and directly related to what the situation and environment required. Each section deserves equal weight in making the right choice in disinfectants. It also means that you are making a much more informed decision, which is always a good thing when it comes to health and safety.

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