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The hand Paper towel mystery in drying hands


Handwashing has been and will continue to be a critical thing in every person’s healthy life. Amid the pandemic, massive campaigns and pleas have filled the air for people to wash their hands to save their lives from Coronavirus. Medical experts have unarguably proven that proper and frequent handwashing or hand drying is the first line of defense when dealing with a series of illnesses.

Studies indicate that a large percentage of people wash their hands when coming out of the washrooms. Consistent handwashing prevents common infections and illnesses like the common cold and flu. There is nobody who does not know the importance of handwashing around the globe.

The big question is, how many people dry their hands after washing them? Only a small fraction of people dry their hands immediately after washing them, and this is where the challenge lies. Proper and frequent handwashing will be defective if one does not dry their hands. Why? The ultimate protection against bacteria and other microscopic organisms are by drying the hands.

When you properly dry the hands, many bacteria and germs with face expulsion: especially from in between your fingers, which is the most conducive place for bacteria. So, drying your hands is the most important step that culminates in handwashing. On that note, drying your hands also depends on the method you will apply. Some people use electric hand driers while others use hand paper towels.

Why are the hand paper towels better than the electric hand driers?

  • Paper towels are more hygienic. Since few people will wash their hands well to kill germs, paper towels will help wipe them away quickly. Paper towels are better than electric hand driers because, instead of the driers removing the pathogens, they increase them. As they blow the hands dry, the hand driers collect them from the air and accumulate them on the hands. Remember the air in the restrooms is full of pathogens due to flushing.
  • Paper towels prevent cross-contamination. Air dries are likely to spread pathogens to up to five miles with the speed at which they rotate. The pathogens will extend to other surfaces like doorknobs and countertops, hence becoming so detrimental. The hand paper towels will dry the hands instantly, and without allowing the pathogens to spread: they reduce the number of pathogens in the washrooms.
  • Paper towels lead to faster hand drying. Immediately you hold a paper towel in your hands the longest time you will dry your hands will be less than ten seconds. For the hand drier, it will take some patience to dry since it is long.
  • Paper towels are a non-touch option. All the paper towel dispensers will allow you to remove the paper towel without touching them: inhibits pathogens from spreading from one place to another. They also minimize the wastage of paper towels.

Hand drying is an essential task. When the hands are dry, they prevent the presence of pathogens and their spread. For world-class paper towels, visit us to get the best hand towels like the RapidClean Ultra slim hand towels 77530, ABC style premium, Livi Basics slip hand towel 7200, among others. Join us for more.

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