Windows Cleaning

Windows Cleaning Tips

Windows Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, very few people actually enjoy windows cleaning. It’s one of those jobs that if we could, most of us would try to avoid – or at least put off for as long as we could.

Unfortunately, looking out of dirty windows is not appealing to anyone and so window clean we must!

Whether you’re cleaning the windows at home, or in the office, there are a few things you can do which can make the task at hand a lot easier. To take the pain (not the pane) out of your window cleaning the team at EastPoint Cleaning Supplies have put together a few tips which are sure to save you time, energy and money.

If done incorrectly, window cleaning can leave you with glass that is in worse shape than when you began and a good dose of frustration. The last thing you want is to look around at streaky, blurred windows, wasted cleaning materials, time and money or a job half done.

Which Windows?

Before you start – before you buy any window cleaning products or equipment, you’ll need to know what type of window you are cleaning. Are your windows high set, low, large or small? Is the glass frameless, tinted or other? It sounds finicky, but you need to make sure you select the right materials, products, and equipment to ensure you tackle your window cleaning jobs with efficiency and cost-effectively. Once you know which type of windows you’re cleaning, you can speak to our team and we’ll guide you through choosing the right products and techniques to suit your job.

Research Your Windowpane Cleaning Strategy

Without the right strategies and technique, window cleaning can literally have you running round in circles. If you were to just throw yourself into your window cleaning task with sponge and scrubber in hand, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with cloudy, streaky windows and a bad temper. There are many tips for window cleaning techniques online which you can implement, and it can be a good idea to speak to window cleaning professionals to get their view on products and techniques so you don’t have to spend the time and effort finding out what doesn’t work.

With so much information readily available on the world wide web, you could also google window cleaning techniques, so you can see how the professionals do it. Once you’re armed with a professional technique and professional window cleaning equipment and solutions from EastPoint Cleaning Supplies, you’re guaranteed a great clean! If you’ve done your research regarding technique, you can still call our friendly team for advice.

The Right Windows Cleaning Products

There are many products you could choose from to get your windows sparkling. Regardless of your window type, or whether it’s an at home or commercial clean, it’s important to select the right products for the job. Our professional team can help you decide whether you’ll need wipers, squeegee’s, blades or other cleaning tools and they’ll know exactly which cleaning products and solutions you should use.

Got It Mastered? Great – Keep It Up!

Once you’ve got your window techniques mastered, and your professional cleaning products from EastPoint Cleaning Supplies, it’s time to set your discipline in action. Regular cleaning may be a little tedious, but it’s the only way to ensure your windows stay sparkly clean. If you’ve taken the effort to clean them properly, it’s in your best interests to clean them regularly, so the dirt and grime don’t build up. Besides, once you have your cleaning routine down in place – you’re guaranteed to relax and enjoy the view!


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