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Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Supplies You Need


The kitchen is the heart of the house. Cleaning your kitchen should be a daily habit to keep it clean and hygienic at all times. The kitchen can quickly become dirty with constant use; therefore, some cleaning tasks must be done regularly to keep things in tip-top shape. Kitchen cleaning can be overwhelming. When embarking on a kitchen cleaning crusade, you need to be armed with all the necessary cleaning supplies to do your job more comfortably and most effective. See here the top 5 kitchen cleaning supplies you need.

Many people have a cabinet in the kitchen filled with lots of unnecessary cleaning supplies, but the truth is, kitchen cleaning supplies should not take up the entire area of the cabinet. If you have the proper supplies, you will discover that you only need a few essential things.

Top 5 kitchen cleaning supplies you need:

All-Purpose Cleaner

There are different surfaces in your kitchen. From the countertops to the oven top, you need something that can quickly clean every surface with ease. An excellent all-purpose cleaner can reduce the cluster of several more specific cleaners. More importantly, it would be best to go for something good for the environment instead of reaching for chemicals filled cleaner.

Microfiber cloths

Try to consider how many times a day you have to wipe down your kitchen counters to keep them clean. Depending on how often you cook or prepare meals, you may have to clean countless times. Using paper products may mean that you have to go through several rolls of paper towels each week. This is not economical, even if it seems like an insignificant amount each time. Instead, you may add microfiber towels to your essential kitchen cleaning supplies list. It comes in different colours, and these different coloured microfiber rags can be used for different things. For example, you can use one colour to wipe down counters, then use another colour to polish stainless steel or dust-off appliances.

A Mop

It is inevitable to spill something sticky on the kitchen floor. Whatever type of floor you have in your kitchen, the chances are that you will need a mop to get them squeaky clean again anytime it gets dirty. With your all-purpose cleaner, all you need to purchase additionally is a good quality mop.

Scrubbing Sponges

There is no denying it: to scrub the dishes, pots, pans, you are going to need a scrubbing sponge. Scrub sponges are a must-have item on any kitchen cleaning supplies checklist. Sponges are a handy way to scrub away food particles and other spills that have our kitchen feeling messy.

Dish Washing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid is a must-have item on any house cleaning supplies list. Of course, you need something that can clean your dishes in the dishwasher. Every kitchen user needs something strong but eco-friendly that will cut through the grease on your messy pans. Ensure you get mild washing liquid to prevent it from ruining your hands. Stainless steel cleaner

Miscellaneous Supplies

Baking soda is for stubborn stains; vinegar is suitable for cleaning drains and bleach for hard-to-get stains on the floor will work well. The nice thing about baking soda, vinegar and bleach are that you can use them for other things. Baking soda and vinegar are suitable for cleaning drains and can be used to clean pots and pans. If you have stubborn odours in the kitchen, you can put out some baking soda to absorb the smells or place a small cup of vinegar out to freshen the air.

Another critical source of germs and filth is the kitchen bin. Your kitchen cleaning supplies should always include bin liners or disposable trash bag. Ensure you clean down both the outside and inside of the bin using a disinfectant to kill off any harbouring germs.

A Quick Note

The kitchen is where your family’s meals are prepared, and it should be kept hygienic at all time. Keeping the right kitchen cleaning supplies handy, and using them correctly ensures that whatever comes from the kitchen is healthy and safe for the whole family. The best way to keep your kitchen squeaky clean is to adopt the “clean as you go” method. Dishes, cooking and baking tools, cutting boards, containers, oven, countertops and kitchen floor must be cleaned after each use.

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