Sorbo Products Inc. states that they manufacture the best squeegee on the market. Their founder created the products after operating his own professional window cleaning business out of Palm Desert in the U.S.A. As his business grew more successful he started to create new tools and techniques to help him save time and money.

Sorbo’s founder created these products to make sure his window cleaning business could deliver high quality service quickly. His inventions helped him keep his prices competitive and create a profit.

In the early 1980s, Sorbo products were introduced to industry, and over their passion for helping professional window cleaners excel in their industry has never wavered.

Sorbo’s squeegees have helped the defined the company as game changers in the professional window cleaning industry. Their streamlined design is made out of aluminium and allows for a rigid commercial window squeegee that can extend up to 78 inches long. You can recognise a Sorbo squeegee by its cross-sectioned profile.

We stock a variety of sizes of Sorbo channels, swivel T-bars, handles, soft washes and cleaning products.