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Seven pet-friendly cleaning tools

Seven pet-friendly cleaning tools

Having pets in your home means more time for cleaning in between all those kisses and cuddles. Whether they are shedding or tracking dirt in the house, your pet friends make for a non-stop cleaning schedule, and it can be an arduous job. For this reason, we would like to recommend seven pet-friendly cleaning tools to make your life easy.

Home is where the heart is, and pets are lovely but can make messes on the carpet, the tile, on the couch, even everywhere!

If you plan for a cleaning mission, it is vital to use cleaning products that are less toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for your pet. With a wide variety of cleaning tools for everyday cleaning, you can keep your home clean and your pets free from diseases.

Here are seven pet-friendly cleaning tools that can assist you to have a pitch-perfect cleaning for your home. Having these items in your arsenal will make your cleaning routine pet-friendly, much more comfortable and enjoyable!

1. Reveal Spray Mob

If you’re not vacuuming up your pet’s messes and fur, then a good chance is that you’re mopping it up instead. Relatively easy to handle and use, the spray mob is highly effective in cleaning the floors as it takes up 50% of the fine dust and dirt per swipe compared to the traditional mobs. Not only picking up dirt and hair in hard-to-reach spots but also cleaning up 99.9% of the germs your pet also leaves behind. You can use a mix of water to white vinegar for optimal cleaning, and it quite simple with this mob.

2. Lint Roller

Every home with pets should always have a Lint Roller in their home cleaning tool collection. Lint roller is a fantastic tool that helps you remove even your pet’s most delicate hair from furniture, upholstery, curtain, your coat, and any other thing keeping your home pet fur-free.

3. Hand Duster, Hand-Held Broom and Dustpan

A hand duster is one excellent cleaning tool for every pet owner. It helps wipe off dirt and dust from the window shell, door panels, furniture, and couches. This cleaning tool traps and holds dust without cleaning chemicals, and its large microfiber head covers a wide surface with every swipe. It is a must-have cleaning tool for every pet owner.

Every household with pets should have a handheld broom and dustpan. These are so good to have in hand for easy and quick cleaning.

4. Cordless & Quiet Hand Vacuum

Most pets hate the vacuum cleaner but, the mess they leave all over the house makes vacuuming a necessary evil. Thankfully, there are innovative, quiet vacuum cleaners. This quiet, cordless hand vacuum cleaner is becoming famous for its high usability in homes with pets. It is light and quick to use. It is a perfect pitch tool for rapid clean-ups and for vacuuming all pet areas in the home.

5. A Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

These bottles have had dozens of great uses in the home. You can use them for different home cleaning purposes. After making your solution, you can pour it into the spray bottle to use where you want during the house cleaning exercise. Ensure always to use only is chemical-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic, solution; a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar is one of the best cleaning solutions for pet owners.

6. An Odor Neutralizer

The definition of clean is “free from dirt, and pollution.” But maintaining a sterile home is not impossible. Even an immaculate house can have an unpleasant odour with odours from pets, and the mess they create in our homes. Regular cleaning with disinfecting cleaners is the first step in maintaining an odour-free home.

Most air fresheners often contain chemicals that can harm pets, and don’t even think about lighting a scented candle around a pet because pets have every tendency to jump around. However, some air fresheners deliver a subtle, natural aroma or opt for an unscented variety that will mask odours without supplying a harsh fragrance. Get one of those types of fragrances.

7. Flea Spray

Fleas are no fun. Not for you, and certainly not for your pets. To keep away the external parasites from attacking pets and keeping the house flee-free, every household with pets should essentially have a flea spray for pets as well as home premises.

Fortunately, several highly effective and eco-friendly flea spray can be applied to pets for preventive flea control. With frequent cleaning of pet bedding areas and your pets, you can keep fleas from becoming established in the house.

When it comes to having a pitch-perfect home cleaning routine for homes with pets, you need everything on this seven pet-friendly cleaning tools list. And remember to keep the cleaning tools clean as well. They’ll complement everything other home cleaning tool and ensure your home is free from pollutants.

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