Sebo Australia was originally established in Germany in 1977, and produced the first commercial upright vacuum cleaners in 1978. These user friendly machines were reliable and quickly became the best selling machines in the world. The features that were introduced by sebo have now become standard on most vacuum cleaners. Sebo Australian strives to provide the highest quality vacuum cleaning products to their customers. They are dedicated to innovating new vacuum cleaner solutions at a superior value. Sebo Vacuum cleaners do more than just clean floors! The Sebo domestic Vacuum cleaners have attained a seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation. Although their vacuum cleaners have been designed to give your floors the perfect clean, Sebo also enhances the air by removing and trapping debris. The Sebo filter bag has an enhanced filtration that prevents debris from being blown out and escaping back into your home or office. East Point Cleaning Supplies has a variety of Sebo products for your convenience. Whether your are after the Sebo electric powerhead, an upright vacuum cleaner, a cannister vacuum cleaner, or even the Sebo Dart - two machines in one, we stock it all