Polivac International was established in 1949 after inventing the first ever suction polisher, the PV25, in the world. Today, Polivac has become the leading commercial cleaning equipment manufacturer in Australia and has become a major cleaning technology exporter worldwide.

Polivac’s product line is vast and covers all kinds of commercial cleaning. With a focus on creating machines that are operator-friendly, Polivac is committed to increasing productivity through intelligent design.

As a leading name in the commercial cleaning equipment industry, Polivac has grown to have over 120 distributors in Australia alone as well as 12 international distributors.

East Point Cleaning Supplies stocks a variety of Polivac commercial cleaning equipment.

Their product range includes a strong commercial backpack vacuum cleaner, with tools for carpeted areas and hard floors. Polivac’s suction polisher is powerful and comes complete with a bassine brush. And their ultra maneuverable gas buffer will increase your floor buffering productivity by helping you speed up the process.  

Their diverse range includes electric, gas and battery powered equipment models to help you find the perfect tool for whatever area you are cleaning. Whether you are maintained hard floors, cleaning carpets, grinding concrete, or working on timber flooring, Polivac has your back.