Founded in 1978, The Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. focuses much of their energy on manufacturing products for both the commercial and industrial cleaning industries. Their specialised cleaning accessories have been tested and proven across australia.

With a wide range of products, Pall Mall both imports to and manufactures in Australia.

Throughout the years, Pall Mall has helped develop several high quality household brand names.Gala accessories, Scentaire air freshener systems and now Unger - the professional window cleaning equipment leaders.

Pall Mall Manufacturing is constantly looking for new ways to innovate their product range and make improvements to our way of life.

We stock Pall Mall soap dispensers in both 900ml and 1.3ltr sizes for your convenience. Pall Mall dispensers and designed to produce a rich, thick foam from quality foam soap. With their soft-touch push bar, these dispensers only require a minimum effort to use and are perfect for young ones and the disabled. Easy to use and maintain, the tank quickly detaches from the back-plate and is ready to be filled with soap. When compared to the cost of using hand-wash through a pouch or cartridge system, this bulk filling technique will save you money.