As a market-leading Australian company, Oates has over 80 years experience in the cleaning industry. Oates produces and supplies professional cleaning equipment to Australian homes and business since the 1930s.

The Oates broom factory opened in North Melbourne before the first world war, and started created cotton mops. The company has deep rooted history with Australia, with founding members Edgar and Lawrence oates leaving the business to serve Australia in WWII. Production expanded after the wars, and Oates began to built their name as a reliable supplier of quality products.

With the company continuing to grow, Oates has been acquiring different brands and product ranges to add to their catalogue. As well as this, Oates has started launching many new products that were designed in Australia.

Despite the company’s growth, Oates cotton mops are still on their product range. These industrial strength mops and highly absorbent and great for stubborn grit and grime.

They also produce general cleaning supplies, from mop bucks and lined rubber gloves, through to rubbish bins and scrubbing brushes.

Oates acquisition of a chemical product range has expanded their reach, and use formulations that remove hazardous ingredients and are designed to be environmentally responsible.