Kerrick is a family owned company that was founded in 1937. Operating in Australia and New Zealand, Kerrick are the specialists when it comes to commercial and industrial heavy duty cleaning equipment.

Kerrick values innovation and strives to fulfil the needs of their clients and the industry as a whole.  They have spent years gathering and refining their technical knowledge of the industry. They are focused on ensuring that professional cleaners have access to the right product for any cleaning job that might have.

They offer a variety of products including industrial vacuum cleaners, high pressure cleaners and more. All of their specialised industrial and commercial cleaning products and built with components from some of the finest suppliers worldwide.

With a focus on consistency, Kerrick produces their cleaning range with the expectation that they will be a class above the rest. Their products are dependable and built to take a beating.

The Kerrick range of industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners are built with a variety of applications in mind. Whether you need a dry vacuum cleaner or wet/dry vacuum cleaner, Kerrick builds them all.

Kerrick’s range of water blasters and pressure cleaners are perfect for building maintenance, preparing surfaces, cleaning equipment and more.