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We all love clean rooms. However, most rooms that we love tend to get dirty pretty swiftly and need to be cleaned regularly to remove the eyesores that gather with time. In this blog, we are going to help you with tips on how to clean and care for the different floors.

There are many types of floors and each requires special attention to prevent damage and permanent stains brought about by cleaning with wrong agents.

The following are tips to help you keep floors crisp in the correct way.

How to Clean and Care Floors Tiles

It is easy to clean ceramic tile floors. For light cleaning, use a mixture of warm water and Agar Fresh Mop detergent or dish soap. Using a sponge mop Agar Fresh Mop Lpresents a problem where dirty water is pressed into the grout lines and has to be cleaned up all over. Go for a chamois-type mop or rag to avoid this problem. After you are done washing, use a lint-free cloth to dry the tiles.

For heavy-duty degreasing, carefully spray Break Up grease remover on the tile grout until a thin even film is formed. Scrub the tiles using a soft hairbrush then rinse them once the grime comes off. Use a microfiber towel to dry the cleaned areas.

How to Clean and Care Floor Linoleum

Regularly cleaning linoleum floors ensures they last longer. For weekly cleaning, add a small amount of Rapidclean Kleen All and hot water into a trigger spray Rapidclean Neutrol Lthen top with a few drops of vinegar. Spray this mixture all over the floor and use a damp mop to clean it off. Remember to remove any residue using a clean damp mop when done. Let the floor dry completely before using it.

For deep cleaning, choose a gentle all-purpose cleaner such as Neutrol to restore the original beauty of the linoleum. Begin by removing all loose fragments using a vacuum cleaner. Sprinkle Neutrol cleaner on the floor then mop or scrub accordingly until all dirt is removed. Use clean water to remove the dirt mixture then dry the floor using clean towels.

How to Clean and Care Laminate Kitchen Floors

Laminate kitchen floors could be cleaned by light mopping them with a mild cleaning product. A simple mixture of water and vinegar is enough to do the job. Use a partly dry mop to prevent water from causing damage to the baseboards. Mop and dry the floor using a microfiber cloth. A cloudy finish forms on the laminate floor if the cleaning mixture isn’t dried adequately.

Be wary of any products that contain bleach, acrylic or wax because they will surely cause permanent damage to the fine finishing on your floors.

How to Clean and Care Wood Kitchen Floors Tempo Hd L

Begin by thoroughly sweeping your wooden floor. This can be done on a weekly basis.

For your annual deeper cleaning venture, make use of a hardwood mop and a wood flooring cleaner such as Tempo HD or Neutrol. Dilute your deep cleaner in a gallon of water and use a trigger spray to spread the mixture evenly on the floor surface. Use a damp mob slightly saturated in the cleaning solution to rid the floor of all dirt.

Drain any liquid that seems to stand for long to avoid potential damage to the beautiful wood surface.

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