Edco has a long established Australian history. Edco products have been produced for nearly 70 years, since they Edmondson family started their first cotton weaving operation in Sydney. Originally producing bandages and supplies for the Australian armed forces during the war, Edco quickly found itself producing a variety of cotton products.

Today, Edco Products has grown into the largest family owned cleaning, janitorial and food service product supplier in Australia. With a vast range of commercial cleaning products, Edco’s product list is constantly growing to encompass new products monthly.

Edco supplies major retailers with over 90% of cleaning products from Australia’s private label.

The past five years has seen edco focus on the development of Edco branded commercial cleaning lines.Designed and built to suit Australian conditions, Edco is dedicated to providing the Australian cleaning industry with quality. Their cleaning wholesale range is filled with good value cleaning products.

Despite all their years in the industry, and a countless amount of change and growth, Edco continues to remain a proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated company with a focus on distributing only the very best cleaning supplies.

From wipes to mops, sponges to squeegees and all kinds of general cleaning products, Edco is committed to cleaning.