As the global leaders in providing commercial grade cleaning and hygiene products, Diversey pride themselves in providing the cleaning industry with the solutions they need.Diversey’s products are used in accommodation, retail spaces, food industries and health care. Thier diverse range of products cover a long list of applications, including cleaning, disinfection, skin care and more.

Their innovation with hydrogen peroxide has pushed them ahead of the pack, and is being used in a range of cleaning products.When it comes to commercial disinfection of hard surfaces, Diversey is the industry leader. Their range of multi-surface cleaners and heavy duty cleans will leave every surface clean without any dulling residues. Bathroom disinfectant is a breeze with Diversey products, tackle those big commercial tasks without hassle.

Diversey is not just committed to serious cleaning. The environment is an important concern for all cleaning providers, and it is not different for this industry leader. Diversey has an active ingredient that can break down into oxygen and water. To make their products OSHA standard, they do not use any volatile organic compounds. Diversey’s cleaning products contain no added dyes, never produce a strong odor, and contain EPA inert listed ingredients.