3M is a globally recognised and trusted brand in not only the cleaning industry but also graphics, healthcare, transportation and many more. Although you may not recognise 3M itself, your home or office will probably be filled with their products. From household names and market leaders like Nexcare™, Post-it®, Scotch®, Scotch-Brite®, and Scotchgard™, 3M is the company behind them all.

3M has innovative products and services, and is dedicated to delivering diversified technology to their customers and communities. Their product inspiration comes from customer feedback, inspiring them to create new products to suit growing needs and solutions for different challenges their customers come across.

The qualified and expert time at 3M and always searching for ways to make life better by helping you tackle whatever problem life throws at you. Their household names are not only tested and functional, they are constantly being improved on to make your life easier.

Whatever job you have in front of you, whether it is tidying up a home or tackling that job around the office, 3M has the products to help you.

3M is also committed to the environment, and actively contributes to generating sustainable development. Their recognition of social responsibility shines through in their dedication to protecting the environment while sustaining economic progress.